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Forest therapy walks are an invitation to slow down and reconnect with nature in a powerful and soothing way. They have taught me to really observe my surroundings--leaves fluttering in the breeze, an insect moving along the ground, the feel of a rock or branch against my skin. Having space to engage all my senses--and notice what I'm usually too busy or distracted to notice--has been very healing and grounding." ~ Jessica W.

“We have now joined Jane on her forest bathing walks a few times and she does a fabulous job of connecting people and deepening our relationship with nature. We have always loved hiking and biking in the woods, but learning to sit still in the forest, notice the sights and sounds, hug a tree and end with a tea ceremony is like no other experience.”   Rick & Jen K

"Jane is immersed in the endless possibilities of the goodness that the earth can give back to you. She will take you on a journey that teaches you how to appreciate sounds, textures, and visions of the great outdoors, both up close and far away. Jane is contemplative, honorable, and genuine. You will come away at one with nature and yourself. ~ Claudia S.

“I spent 14 years in a refugee camp in Zambia before I came to the U.S. No one would go into the bush there to relax because it is very dangerous. Here the bush is the forest and I was surprised that people want to go there to enjoy themselves. When I first came here I felt afraid in nature. But when I went on the forest bathing walk I felt really good and I am telling my African friends that they should try this. I work very hard and this walk helped me feel calm. And we laughed too.” ~ Ezekiel K.

“Be still and know that I am God… Psalm 46:10

Forest Therapy has brought peace in the midst of chaos to my life. It has given me the opportunity to sit in stillness, usually with a tree, and breathe in the beauty of God’s creation.. I am blessed to have been part of many of these adventures.”  ~ Rebecca F.

“As a fellow volunteer at Mueller State Park, I’ve joined Jane on forest bathing walks and  experienced Mueller’s beauty and wonder as I hadn't before when hiking quickly, logging miles, and talking to fellow hikers. The invitation to slow down, to quiet down, and to just become aware of our surroundings was healing and rejuvenating at the same time.”  ~ Carrie D.


From a Physician   

“After 30 years as a family physician, I’ve grown CERTAIN of the need for treatments above and beyond drugs. Abundant medical research has already proven that Forest Therapy helps lower elevated blood pressure and reduce stress.  Most exciting for me are the findings that Forest Therapy enhances our own body’s defense system that is in charge of fighting infection, inflammation, and disease:  NATURE/FOREST THERAPY boosts your IMMUNE SYSTEM!  Anything that boosts a person’s immune system that is easy to access, has no inherent risks, and is of low cost is undeniably powerful and should be embraced and encouraged. I urge you to secure an experienced ANFT guide like Jane Scanlon and add this practice to your life. Jane is extraordinarily gifted and conveyed professionalism and a real experiential serenity. I believe Nature/Forest Therapy can and will refocus perspectives, not only individually, but also globally, bringing all of us to renew our devotion to and protection of the natural world.”     Dr. S. Studer, D.O.

Ephemeral Art Walk 

“Jane presents a sensory immersive experience to clear through the chaos and find calming comfort in nature’s invitations. The chance to create ephemeral art offered another layer of connecting with nature and honoring the return to the cycles of life. The closing tea ceremony was a great way for the group to quietly reflect in unity on the experience." - Angie S., Education Program 


A Family's Walk 

“My daughters and I have been lucky enough to experience Forest Bathing walks with Above the Clouds in different seasons. Each walk was filled with beauty and our spirits were refreshed as we were connected with the nature around us through the various Invitations including the very special tea ceremony at the end of each walk. Jane is a masterful guide who shares her expertise in a calm and soothing voice. This is a unique and uplifting experience and we look forward to returning again soon. Safety protocols were always followed with utmost care, thoughtfulness, and respect for individual comfort levels”   

-Kirsten T., Educator

 Staff Outing  

“Our environmental education organization, Catamount Institute, chose to go on a forest bathing walk with Jane as a professional development outing for our staff. I had such a blissful time bonding with staff, nature, and myself in a new way. This was my first-time forest bathing, and it was so lovely that I found myself going back on another walk just for myself.” ~ Marisa E., Program Specialist for Catamount Outdoor Schools 


Faith Based "Connect With Creation" Walk

“Jane is such a delight! I have experienced a number of her contemplative walks in the forested foothills of Pikes Peak. Each time, Jane has guided us with ease, sweetness and with a real heart for our non-human brothers and sisters in the wild. I also appreciate how she weaves Scripture, poetry and words from Christian writers to help us shift into a more reflective state of mind. I look forward to hosting Jane again and again to lead walks for our one-day contemplative retreats at John Wesley Ranch.” ~ Rev. Dr. Todd A. Spencer, First United Methodist Church


Appreciations: Testimonials
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