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Forest Bathing Walks During the Pandemic

We are fortunate that we don't need to social distance with trees. In fact, spending time in forests can boost our immune systems in many ways. Read more about the benefits of forest bathing during the pandemic from Dr. Suzanne Bartlett-Hackenmiller.


The Corona Virus is Heading Your Way: Grab a Tree and Hold On 

Being outdoors may be just what we need most during this pandemic and I am committed to being responsible and respectful of behaviors and practices that best serve the health and well being of ourselves and our environment. Colorado's governor and health experts shaping our state's guidelines continue to allow us to spend time outdoors in ways that honor pandemic protocols and research based practices. Above the Clouds Forest Bathing adheres to all state and county guidelines as well as those in place at the local parks and open spaces where we walk. This includes smaller groups (maximum 6-10 depending on the guidelines), wearing masks, maintaining safe distances on the trail and contact-less tea ceremonies. With this being said, I ask that you only join a walk if it is safe for you to do so.

Another option: There are wonderful trained guides throughout the world offering virtual walks in real time nearly every day. Do consider joining one and discover the wonders available right in your own back yard or patio - or even inside your home through the magic of memory of a nature place. Go to "Experience Forest Therapy" on the ANFT website: 


What Is Forest Bathing?: Resources
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