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Mueller State Park photo by Linda Groat  

What Is Forest Bathing?: Resources

"Attention is the beginning of devotion." Mary Oliver

Paying attention isn't always easy. We live in a culture of distraction. We have access to endless information. 24/7 news, opinions, entertainment, alerts and social media compete for our attention. We are in the middle of a “knowledge explosion” and many of us feel overloaded by words, noise and a sense of urgency. Silence is becoming a scarce resource.

It’s no surprise that the culture of distraction affects our physiology and brain functioning. Much medical and scientific research link the surge in autoimmune and cardiovascular disease, depression, obesity, insomnia and ADHD to stress: urbanized, indoor, tech driven lifestyle stress.

Our bodies and brains were not designed to function in “alert mode” all the time.

Humans, like all living things, have an incredible capacity to adapt. Eventually our bodies and brains will change and adapt to this way of life that is so radically different from our ancestor’s. But adaptation takes a long, long, long time. In the meantime, there is free medicine that can have a near instant impact on reducing stress and increasing our ability to focus:

Open the door. Step outside. Wherever you are. Hands free. Let nature welcome you.

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