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"This is a wonderful day. I've never seen this one before."  Maya Angelou

Experience Forest Bathing.

Let’s go for a walk.

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We know it's good for us to put devices away, get outside for awhile and relax. But for many, that isn't easy to do. As a Nature & Forest Therapy Guide, I offer a flexible schedule and affordable walks tailored for individuals or groups in a variety of natural settings easily accessed in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak area. Selected paths are usually 1 mile or less with some (ideally not a lot) of elevation change and last 2 – 3 hours. We always close with a peaceful tea ceremony, brewing carefully chosen native plants with known health benefits.


I wish to make forest therapy available to anyone, regardless of your budget. Suggested donations are in the $25 range per person for private group walks. Walks sponsored by state parks and nature centers range from no charge to $15 per person.

Regardless of finances, if you’d like to walk, let’s talk!  

We recognize and honor the freedom we have to walk in this region, the ancestral land of the Northern Ute native people.


The forest is the therapist. The guide opens to doors.


Offerings: Services

Public Walks


Enjoy the company of other members of the public on a forest bathing walk in one of the beautiful natural spaces in the Colorado Springs- Pikes Peak area. Group size is limited by the guidelines in place at the site and most walks are for ages 14 and up.

For a family or kid-friendly walk, please contact me!


I am delighted to be partnering with Mueller State Park in Divide and the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs for many of my public walks. Check the calendars on their websites for dates of upcoming walks or call:

Mueller State Park Visitor Center: (719)687-2366 X 0

Garden of the Gods: (719)634-6666


Private, Small Group

& Business Group Walks

A private group forest therapy walk offers a unique opportunity for families, friends or business colleagues to enhance their relationships by sharing in a nature immersion experience together. Enjoy disengaging from devices and the pulls of life and work and discover what awaits you in one of our magnificent nearby outdoor spaces. Prices are based on the size of the group and duration of walk (2 – 3 hours recommended)

Ephemeral Art Walks

Is not impermanence the very fragrance of our days?"   Rainer Maria Rilke

Ephemeral art is temporary. After taking time to quiet the mind and open the senses through invitations from the guide, we arrive at a place on the walk where we wish to simply be for awhile. Using heart, hands and intuition participants get to know their space, begin gathering found materials (without harm to living plants) and then play and create in whatever way the imagination leads! We close by dedicating creations in some way, enjoying locally crafted tea and returning our art back to the land.

faith based

Faith Based Walks: Meeting the Sacred in Creation

The great naturalist John Muir called nature a cathedral, the place where he experienced God’s presence most tangibly. People of all faiths relate to this sense of the sacred within sky, sea and landscape. Faith based walks offer a way to explore and welcome whatever God might want to offer each individual through meditative time in this glorious creation we inhabit. We will follow a similar sequence to standard forest therapy walks but may include short readings for reflection and an opportunity for prayer and sharing with others in the group. We close with a traditional tea ceremony.

Nature's Magic with Grandmother Forest 

Grandmother Forest loves helping kids discover and enjoy the magic, wonder and mysteries that the natural world holds!  These forest bathing adventures can be tailored for any age group to have fun engaging the senses and that great superpower - IMAGINATION, to explore, play, relax and create in one of our beautiful parks or open spaces - or in a nature space adjacent to your home or school. Our closing forest tea ceremony is always a treasured part of these experiences. 

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